Trouble in Solshire
The Brightest Lights Cast the Darkest Shadows
A Murder in The Dark

After returning from Solshire Wood and getting a good night’s rest, our heroes wake up and enter the common room of the Inn. Waiting for them there are several guards, who arrest them for the murder of Odreleth Cormanthi. Despite their protestations, they are led to the lockup, and only after a night in Jail with only each other and the bumbling captain Eljeon Zumaris for company.

In the night, Loac the Elder returns from his business in Solshire wood and absolves our heroes, legitimizing their alibis. After a plea for help from the good captain, the party agrees to assist in the investigation. Eljeon quietly speaks to them:

Help me with the investigation, and if we catch the killer, not only will I give you the reward Beomund has promised – 200 golden dukes – plus another 200 marks of my own if you let me take the credit. I can gain a promotion, maybe, and once I’m a general I’m a half-step away from nobility. My sons and daughters will want for nothing ever again for that. Help me out.

They travel to the Temple of Sune to examine the body, which is being blessed by Cassia, High Priestess. On a table lies Odreleth, a knife in his back, and with a sizeable bruise on his forehead. In his hand, a crumpled note written in a Thieves’ Code —

no hard feelings. -D

Among Odreleth’s possessions is a carved wooden sparrow, which holds a small note written in Dwarven letters

Shadow Hide you

With this information in hand, Rangrim, Carric, and Hadarai travel to where Cormanthi’s ship was found, just north of town. On board, they discover signs of struggle, boarding, and plenty of Blood. After, the investigation takes them to the home of Dareon Cormanthi, the victim’s father. He offers up his skiff, Halfwind in exchange for finding the killer.

At the docks, they discover a smuggling operation with Thieves Guild ties. Two dock workers, Pate and Vitor cop to knowing Odreleth’s involvement, and a quick venture onto the ship they are loading shows some magically concealed child slaves in the belly of the ship. After a quick battle with the ship’s captain, they take the children to the Temple of Yondalla.

During this exchange, Carric notices Vitor has a rising sun carved into his left hand. Though he tries to hide it, the magic of Carric’s words brings out the truth.

The trio visit Ilrael, the Paladin of Corellon and learn of a warlord rising. They are charged to journey to Birchport and find someone who can translate the celestial scrolls Loac discovered.


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