Birchport is a city in Easthope


Birchport is the largest city in Easthope, with a population of nearly 18 000. There is representation of every race in the city, though Humans are the most common.


Birchport is a metropolis with its mind cast toward The Tower of Dawn, home of the Duke of Easthope. It trades on sea routes with other provinces, sailing famously fast ships around the world, delighting in doing business and getting ahead. Merchants are nobles in the making, as powerful houses seek to make friends with those who have the economic clout to support them.


Birchport is home to 5 noble families which sit on the Ruling Council: House Ravenwood, House Harglinder, House Clemanse, House Whitmoor, and House Halfyrn. These noble families have traditionally held the Duchy in Easthope, with the Whitmoors holding for the past eighty years. The nobles adjudicate disputes between commoners, taxing those who live on their land and those who use their ports.

House Ravenwood.

The ancient house of Ravenwood goes back nearly 4000 years. They have held the Duchy only once, for five years before the then-Duke, Silvus, was forcibly removed by the council of nobility. The Current head, Mikhael, is a cold, calculating man who wants nothing but to see his family succeed. He double deals and schemes to see himself as duke one day.

House Harglinder.

An old, but unassuming house, Harglinder have held the Duchy several times. The current head, Orest, is a fat, opulent man who is too coward to break the law, and so self-absorbed he may have never met a commoner. He taxes in the extreme, plots clumsily to become duke, and is vile and petty to the core.

House Clemanse

Before the Whitmoors, House Clemanse held the Duchy, and Easthope was ruled by a Duchess for nearly one hundred years. The family places the burden of leadership on its women, and the men routinely go off to become priests or merchants in cities around the world. The current head, Valerie, is a kind woman who defends the poorest of Birchport with everything she has. Her house is in decline and she has no heir to speak of.

House Whitmoor

House Halfyrn




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