Old Gods

The Old Gods are ancient, powerful entities that serve Ao as creator beings. Each god is distinctly tied to a specific race, as the Old Gods are the only beings powerful enough to create creatures of Intelligence.

History in Gilkhavor

The Old Gods were brought into the fold by Ao at the request of the El’im, hoping to fill Gilkhavor with creatures suitable for service to the gods. The Old Gods, being a neutral and impassive sort, demanded that each of them be allowed to create, even those who had a reputation for less savory creations. The El’im agreed and so the Races of Gilkhavor were created.

The Old Gods

Corellon, God of the Elves
Moradin, God of the Dwarves
Yondalla, Goddess of the Halflings
Lathander, God of Humans
Garl Glittergold, God of Gnomes
Bahamut, God of Dragonborn
Surtur, God of Giants
Skerrit, God of Satyrs and Centaurs
Lolth, Goddess of Drow and the Underdark
Tiamat, Goddess of Dragons
Gruummsh, God of Orcs and Goblinoids

Old Gods

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