Solshire is a city in Easthope


The most modern and metropolitan of Easthope’s cities, Solshire is home to around 2500 elves, 2000 halflings, and around 1000 half-elves and humans.


Solshire is a bright, happy town, with little going on in the way of Strife and conflict. Many elves spend long stretches of time in Solshire Wood frolicking with Satyrs.


Solshire is managed by a Maer — a Halfling named Beomund. The noble houses of Solshire: House Adanriel, House Amastacia, and House Underbough oversee legal and official operations and sit as town council.

The Maer

The office of the Maer administrates feast days, leads Town Council, and performs any and all duties required by the citizenry. Mostly, this means planning elaborate parties.

House Adanriel

House Adanriel is the eldest of the ruling houses of Solshire. Mialee Adanriel sits the Ruling Seat. The Adanriel are elves.

House Amastacia

House Amastacia oversees much of the legal proceedings, including policing, of Solshire. Thamior Amastacia sits the Ruling Seat The Amastacia are elves.

House Underbough

House Underbough is a relatively new noble house. They were raised at the order of former Maer Hector Underbough, and they tend to represent the practical side of Solshire.


The city ships trade goods out of a sizeable port. Dareon Cormanthi is port master, and the city ships primarily elvencrafts, food and livestock around Easthope, especially to Helm’s Heights. Solshire uses the standard Easthope currency: The Copper Bit, Silver Mark, and Gold Duke.


In Solshire port, Dragonborn occasionally come to sail toward the Dragon Wastes to recover their lost kin.


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